We now has four songs available for listeners on the Big Rock Untapped website. The project, started by Calgary-based Big Rock Brewery, was put in place as a mechanism to help choose artists for their Big Rock Untapped CD (now going into its 3rd edition!). As they put it:

There’s a powerful connection between those who create music and those who listen to it.

It’s a connection we want to see grow, especially for untapped artists. After all, we share your passion for independence, craft and creating. It’s with that spirit this community has been created – to give artists a platform to share your craft, and for fans to enjoy it however you choose.

So how does it work? It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Artists upload their music to the Untapped website.
  2. Fans listen to the music, and “tap” their favorites.
  3. Big Rock’s panel of music-industry insiders select some of the top performing artists for the next edition of the Big Rock Untapped CD.

Well, get to it KIN fans: only your taps can help get us on the next CD. Have a listen and don’t forget to tap your favorites!