KIN named their band after their life-long sibling friendship. The twin brothers and older sister naturally speak to each other’s inspiration, exactly as they know how to disappear and let their music speak for itself.

They are the Burkes from au bout du long chemin de gravier, from the end of a typical Manitoba gravel road close to their small town of Lorette. They grew up niched in oak and poplar groves, by the barely-moving, well-known, though little rivière Seine.

Music is their proverbial feu sacré. As they grew up, theirs was a kind of normal, everyday sacred fire “touching” upon an everyday childhood. They performed and took up instruments in fits and starts, and eventually followed musical meanderings into the city.

More recently, after only a few obscure performances, the word has spread about KIN’s being the new talent to watch on the Winnipeg music scene.

KIN and its alternative folk pop came to be in 2005, favoring instinctual jazz stylings strewn over an eclectic musical palette. These artists’ uncontrived beginnings are their signature. Undulating melodies and run-on sentences plateau, go out on a limb free-fallingly but never lose their way, as sadness morphs into a few quirky-funny moments, dreaminess and trances of simmering intensity.

Danielle’s voice is crystalline-high…it swirls and defies comparison, yet is somewhat reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan’s. She occasionally bursts out with unabashedly raw, in-your-face emotion, not unlike veteran Shawn Colvin and even legendary Edith Piaf. Newer to the stage than her brothers, her expression is refreshing, soulfully unpremeditated…and her essence is delicate, enabling her to conjure haunting ambiances that hook you in, in the tradition of Metric’s magical Emily Haines.

Meanwhile, the boys’ soft tenors are on-the-money easy and intimate like Paul Simon’s, but can also “sing” out more like Garfunkel’s. Ivan’s drums and percussion are solidly propulsive and as thoughtful as they are instinctive, and Eric’s smooth and intricate phrasings on guitar reverberate of the three siblings’ refined harmonics sensibilities.

All is complex yet unaffected, soothing yet sparklingly exciting and intriguing. Their orchestrations are shaped organically, comprised of subtle motion and unexpected passion, coexisting ingeniously.

KIN is the sounds of of enthralling feeling, understatement and depth. The Burke siblings’ potential is powerfully assured of making its way, just as every spring, la petite Seine weaves itself throughout the fields on its way to the Red, and always keeps its promises.